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Jul 17, 2023

Ingredient suppliers highlight the latest solutions in flavors.

A&B Ingredients FlavorChem FlavorSum IFPC MicroDried Osage Flavors Prova US Sensient Virginia Dare MEDITERRANEAN UMAMI Mediterranean Umami from A&B Ingredients is a natural, clean-label flavor

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Mediterranean Umami from A&B Ingredients is a natural, clean-label flavor enhancer designed to help formulators reduce sodium while maintaining a balanced flavor profile and increasing craveability. Ideal for use in savory and flavored cream cheese, dips, and spreads, Umami helps build back a balanced flavor profile while reducing sodium by up to 45%. Mediterranean Umami is a natural vegetable extract combined with sea salt. It is highly soluble, contains no MSG, and is labeled as a “natural flavor.” The company’s Umami blend is a tasty way to reduce sodium, enhance the flavor profile, and design clean-label, better-for-you foods, the company says.



Brands continue to experiment with premium flavors that inspire new menu ideas and drive consumer purchases. With coffee consumption at an all-time high, Flavorchem developed The Coffeehouse Collection to provide innovative flavor offerings for dairy and non-dairy products. The collection features five signature flavors: Cake Batter, Chocolate Whiskey, London Fog, Raspberry Rose, and Strawberries & Cream. All flavors are kosher, non-GMO, allergen-free, vegan, and can be labeled as “natural” on an ingredient statement. These flavors can be optimized for a variety of food and drink applications, including coffee, simple syrups, milk, ice cream, yogurt, and more.



FlavorSum is supporting indulgent taste profiles for dairy drinks with a bit of spice. Its South of the Border latte flavor is reminiscent of a favorite drinking chocolate with notes of espresso and a little heat from cinnamon. The novel flavor combination in dairy (or plant-based dairy) beverages of the chocolate-cinnamon blend is trending, according to social listening platform, Tastewise. The flavor is said to be ideal for ice cream or frozen treats as well, the company says.



International Food Products Corporation’s (IFPC) in-house experts have developed hundreds of flavors of milk, eggnog and coffee creamer. The company custom formulates ingredient systems to its customers’ needs. Providing quality assurance using its in-house MicroThermics unit, IFPC mimics dairy processing standards to minimize concerns. The flavored eggnog is manufactured under the company’s Dairy House brand. From Traditional and Vanilla Spice to Chocolate Truffle, Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie, IFPC has created a range of flavors. Custom options are available as well.



MicroDried’s tropical dried fruits are new and improved with better color, flavor and crunchy texture. The company’s banana, mango, pineapple and goldenberry products give a burst of tropical flavors. MicroDried offers minimally processed and simple, functional ready-to-eat ingredients, which seamlessly integrate into any recipe while providing a clean label. As the demand for various blends like tropical, berry and citrus combinations continues to surge in popularity, the need for nutritious, organic and non-GMO ingredients has sparked the innovation of mixed berry fragments and fruit/hidden vegetable powder blends, making them the ideal addition to any dairy application.



As consumers continue to prioritize healthier options, functional ingredients are becoming more common in food and beverage products. But many of these ingredients come with off-flavors that negatively impact the taste. Osage Flavors offers flavor-masking solutions, and helps product developers formulate one-of-a-kind flavor profiles, creating a variety of natural, non-GMO and organic flavors for all application needs. The company’s custom solutions are formulated to mask off-flavors from functional ingredients while enhancing a product's taste.



Prova has more than 77 years of experience in vanilla extraction, delivering exceptional flavor and 100% traceable sourcing. The company’s sustainable vanilla helps customers meet consumers’ demand for ingredients that prioritize respect for the planet and its people. Its range of Sustainable Vanilla Extracts have a positive impact on Madagascar and the Malagasy people. Prova’s vanilla is ideal for innovative flavor creations such as Sweet Vanilla Mango, Vanilla Funnel Cake, Tahitensis Vanilla Fig and Vanilla Ubi. The company says it’s the only women-owned certified global vanilla extract supplier.



Sensient studies show that 83% of consumers are interested in trying new ice cream products, with texture being the number one reason to try. Sensient’s textured variegates are made by dispersing crunchy pieces in an oil-based variegate. Consumers swirl their favorite salty snack like a corn chip into a peanut butter base with fudge inclusions. With the company’s expansive portfolio of ice cream solutions, customers can create fun and unique combinations that will meet consumers’ demand for indulgence.



Virginia Dare offers customers a twist on flavor with its elevated classic flavors. Similar to merging familiar flavors with unique or exotic flavors, elevating a classic adds a sophisticated twist to popular profiles like vanilla (e.g., vanilla honeycomb, spiced vanilla), chocolate (e.g., chocolate malt, brownie batter), caramel (e.g., salted caramel, maple caramel), mocha (e.g., rose mocha, cake batter mocha), banana (e.g., caramelized banana, spiced banana) and strawberry (e.g., strawberry shortcake, cooked strawberry). These options are fresh for customers who are looking for new flavors, yet familiar enough for the more traditionalist, the company says.


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